Thursday, 12 April 2007

Who needs a gym when you can do double digging!!!!Nearly six hours of it, but another bed has been done. Three in total now, 115cm wide and 300cm long. Had nice chat with neighbours regarding soil- very good, although I find it back breaking and pollination-very reassuring. Anna also had a lovely time sitting in the tree and communication with the pheasants. Not sure who is noisier. Anna made her first cup of tea this morning and was so pleased with her skill that I had three in the morning and nil in the afternoon. Tidied up the plot, taking rope and sticks away and putting left over grass strips on the compost heap. Have now found the lid of compost bin, it was by the side of the garage. Last task of the day was to water trees, since it was very hot today and will again be tomorrow, for tonight we are expecting frost though.

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jennifer said...

I like the photo of Anna in the tree. I bet that she was noisier than the pheasants.