Wednesday, 11 April 2007

11th of April 2007
Planted my apple trees this afternoon. I have added a bucket of compost and two handfuls of Bone Meal to each hole before planting the trees. Not sure if Bone Meal is organic, must check up on this! Hammering the stakes in with a large stone was quite a challenge. So that the ties don't rub so much on the stem I have done them in a figure of eight. Very pleased with my work! To settle them in I have also given each a bucket of water and will do so for the rest of the week.
Also planted my garlic and started on double digging my third bed. Taken my husbands advice not to overdo it I only did 1/5 and then went for long soak in the bath.
Did a certain amount of research and found out that Bramleys are triploids and therefor require two other apple trees either within the same group or one either way for pollination. Katy also not the best will do and with a bit of luck there may be another apple tree not too far away to help with pollination, otherwise I better get another tree soon.

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